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RCL FOODS final results June 2016

Revenue from continuing operations rose to R25 billion (R23.4 billion). Operating profit decreased to R378.2 million (R1.5 billion). Profit attributable to equity holders was R210.8 million (R848.1 million). Furthermore, headline earnings per share from continuing operations came in at 98.5 cents per share (112.2 cents per share).


The directors have resolved to declare a final gross cash dividend of 15 cents per share for the 12 months ended 30 June 2016.


RCL FOODS believes that the local poultry industry is in a crisis. As a consequence the Board is forced to relook at all options in evaluating our Chicken busines model. The headwinds of low economic growth, a volatile currency, high commodity input costs and drought impactsare real and understood. However, the strong platform that we are establishing internally for our business will create even bigger and better opportunities for RCL FOODS.