Farmers have been achieving the perfect balance in animal feed with Epol since 1916, and that’s because we’re obsessed with understanding and servicing the needs of our customers and their animals. Our goal is simple: To be a farmer’s first choice. We’re all about the best high-quality feed at the lowest possible price to the consumer, delivered through excellent service. We understand what you want… The best results through perfectly balanced animal feed.

Brand Facts

Epol feeds nearly 250 million birds every year
Over 100 years of experience in animal feed
Epol is the leading horse and game feed feed brand in South Africa

Brand Range

Epol Horse Feed
Epol Horse Feed Table
Epol Pig Feed
Epol Pig Feed Table
Epol Other Feed
Epol Other Feed Table
Epol Ostrich Feed
Epol Ostrich Feed Table
Epol Poultry Feed Layer
Epol Poultry Feed Layer Table
Epol Game Feed
Epol Game Feed Table
Epol Poultry Feed Broiler
Epol Poultry Feed Broiler Table
Epol Dairy Feed Calf and Performance
Epol Diary Feed Calf and Performance Table
Epol Poultry Feed Breeder
Epol Poultry Feed Breeder Table
Epol Ruminant Feed Performance
Epol Ruminant Feed Performance Table