Optimizing for More

Nobody on this earth will love you more, be more loyal or keep your secrets better than your dog. So how do you ensure your BFF (best friend forever) gets great nutrition that fits your budget? The answer is Optimizor, our very own premium dry dog food brand which is available through co-ops and pet food stores nationwide. With its recent makeover – which includes an updated packaging design, improved recipe and a brand new Premium range – Optimizor is helping pet owners do even more for their BFF… while turning up the heat on the competition!

Optimizor aims to provide great-tasting, complete nutrition for dogs at an affordable price. To give shoppers more choice and gain greater market share, we recently launched Optimizor Premium. Scientifically formulated by our own pet nutritionist and veterinarian, the new range offers 20% more protein than leading supermarket brands – and 2% more than our closest competitor!

Both Optimizor Premium and the existing Optimizor Complete range boast the addition of Vitacare – a combination of 23 essential vitamins and minerals designed to promote dogs' overall wellbeing and support their immune system.

Optimizor also has a fresh new look. The revitalised packaging has striking visuals, bold claims and colour differentiation that highlights the difference between the two ranges. And with Puppy & Adult options in each, your BFF is set for life!

"Optimizor is now well positioned to take on the top brand in this space, and gain a meaningful share of the non-grocer pet food channel. Known as the co-op channel, this includes agricultural co-ops as well as speciality pet stories – a total of 600 stores across the country. It's a great opportunity for us to make MORE IMPACT with a great brand that combines exceptional quality and fantastic value," says Ryan De Beer, Optimizor Brand Manager.  And there's more – a further brand renovation is in the pipeline for the coming financial year.

Watch this space for news on how Optimizor is DOING MORE!